Today, Arkie makes an appearance!

That’s what Charkie says every time I post due to my general delinquency. No, but seriously, today I realized that I don’t want to live in a big city despite the fact that I so idealized the idea of living in New York City when I was in college. Actually, I take that back. I would not dislike living in New York as much as I dislike living in Philadelphia. (No offense meant, City of Brotherly Love, as I do appreciate brotherly love, and I feel it here greatly and potently when I’m not being harassed and followed by drug addicts and avoiding going outside during the night – and when I say night, I mean any time past 4 PM.) So, New York City would still be a possibility because I’ve spent more months in NYC than in Philly and have never experienced street harassment – ever. That said, I also don’t like cold weather all that much and prefer some amount of natural beauty and peace in my surroundings. You know what would be perfect? A city in the South. Like Nashville! Some place that’s happening (and by that, I mean happenin’) but that’s warm and scenic. I do love the feeling of walking outside and being part of a crowd. Okay, that’s my stream of consciousness for the day! Das vidanyas, comrades.


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