Today, I am a late sleeper…

But since it’s technically morning, please call me an early riser. My room is dark and I sit on my bed typing this post out on my phone. It hurts my wrists a bit but not as much as the keyboard hurts my wrists. >;;;.<;;; I meant to sleep earlier (~9:30 pm) but phone calls kept coming. And then as I almost tucked myself in at midnight…. Well just as that sentence was stopped by this one, my actions were stopped when my roommate walked in bringing my 19 lb baby (no its not truly a real baby, my beloved books arrived!!). We both got sucked into our new couch. It just kidnaps us! What a lovely couch. Please see below. I’ve often imagined what it would be like to have an apartment with a roommate and have late night conversations with her on the couch in the living room. You read about it in books and see it on TV but I haven’t had a roommate in ages and even then that was a dorm room. Just talking about random things…. Places that our brains take us 🙂 Alright I’m off to sleep y’alls! 20130104-012027.jpg


One thought on “Today, I am a late sleeper…

  1. ok, miss “early riser” 🙂 great picture! was it filtered?! 😛 yay!! finally your books!!
    you apparently live in a dramedy about a 20 something. the couch is perfect, your coffee table is chicly cluttered.

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