Today, I am taking a cappuccino break…

Cappuccino has become my chai. I remember when I went back to Udaipur for the second time and stayed with the S. family, instead of taking my morning cup of chai in the little 2-3 oz sizes they had, I would insist on drinking from the ridiculous glass mug. How interesting these little memories always come back. What was so special about India (or was it Udaipur? )? Or was it just being in a foreign place where I was forced to go back into a baby me where I was forced to learn a new language by hearing and mimicking. Where I pick up foreign food I’d never seen before with my fingers and with the push of a thumb sent the spices into my mouth. Whatever it is I wonder if it means something. Markie‘s post below allowed me to do some self-reflection myself. Just thinking about my future and what it’ll bring. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Speaking of India, I met up with a friend who stayed with the same host family that I stayed with (the S. family I mentioned above). Along with her boyfriend, we chatted over gingerbread lattes and then went to watch Les Mis. What a solid performance by a solid cast!! A very beautiful film to watch indeed. And tears came and passed many times. So now I sip on the cappuccino and have my favorite Ferrero Rochers …. And just think some while serenading myself with I dreamed a dream
Snow on day after Christmas
Madmen birthday bash tonight.
And more thinking….



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