Today, I cleaned my desk.

…of all the anatomy papers! Whew, it is done!! I feel so relieved to be over the anatomy hump, and also incredulous at how smoothly it went and how lucky I was. The experience was – dare I say it? – a little bit fun. Mostly nerve-wracking of course, but after a week of just sitting with the books, it was good to verbalize some of the information and talk it through with someone! Because even though it was an exam, it was also a conversation of sorts. My biggest worry was that I would fail immediately for making a mistake and saying something wrong or just plain dumb. However, I made plenty of mistakes (not identifying the triceps correctly, for one. — Plain dumb), and passed with a decent score!

After the gross anatomical dissection questioning, my theoretical topics were:

1. the adductor canal
2. ligaments and joints of the vertebral column
3. gametogenesis
4. the extracellular matrix
5. histological specimen to identify and describe: elastic artery (aorta)

Most interestingly, my examiner did indeed turn out to be a McGonogall. As I was entering the building, almost an hour early, she was exiting and squeezed my hand to let me know she would be coming back to test me. It was nice to know in advance, rather than waiting for my name to be called as they were read off by various professors one by one when the exam started. Still, I started planning retake dates.

However, despite her reputation as a stringent and unforgiving professor, I found her to be extremely kind and understanding. She was especially considerate in setting up the dissections and microscopes for me to access. Throughout the semester here, I have never felt that my physical disability affects how my intellectual performance is evaluated, and that is something for which I am continually grateful.

For now, sleeping, reading, errands, and some quality Christmas time with my mother are on the agenda!


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