Today, I receive another gift…

From me! 🙂 I have been in love with S.H.E since they started (when I was still in my pre-teen years). Usually, I will listen to their songs right as they come out, however this time, I only listened to one. I feel in love with that song and decided to order the album through Yesasia. Twas perfect! My album came and it is lovely. I’m still listening to the CD right now..

CD + DVD (6  music videos for songs from the last album – SHERO) + postcards (cute!) + Pack of Sunflower seeds (am I suppose to eat these or plant them? Now I wish I had ordered the version with the exclusive flowerpot !) + 50% discount to Daphne (I actually own a purse from this store… it’s like an Aldo or Nine West, but cuter)

LOVE LOVE LOVE 🙂 🙂 Selina. Hebe. Ella. S.H.E has returned! Reviews to come maybe later? 🙂 If I remember! Until then~~


One thought on “Today, I receive another gift…

  1. sunflower seeds?! interesting addition … what’s your favorite song from the album?
    you are good at these project reviews — second/side career? 😀

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