Today is a milestone … sort of.

It was LDOC* of the 1st semester of medical school!! I’m taking the anatomy final in a week, and there’s lots yet to be learned for that. Then, I have 2 more exams at the beginning of January, so the semester is actually far from done (and will not really count for much if I fail the exams!). Keep calm and study on!  For now, on this cozy Friday evening, though, it feels just a bit momentous and wondrous that the lectures/dissections are done for the year.

After the last class – physics lab – I tried out a new café with my mom (as in, new to us, new to the world), and I think it’s a new possible study locale! In addition to coffee, salads, and sandwiches, they also serve alcohol for desperate moments.

To top it all off, I got a box of  Toffifee, a toffee-chocolate-hazlenut combination, from the grocery store today.  So much quality chocolate around these parts!  We went into a chocolate store, too — I was literally too overwhelmed to even get anything. A return trip is planned.


Happy weekending!

*Dukespeak for “Last Day of Classes”. Also known as the day where people would start drinking at 9am, play drinking games in class, and streak through the campus. None of that occurred today, thankfully.


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