Today, it snowed!

Van hó Budapesten!
That’s right, there’s snow in Budapest, and the Hungarian word for it is “hó”!

It’s just a dusting, and I’m sure that come morning, it will be more a hassle than anything, but as we walked back home from class today, it was a lovely sight.

With the brightly lit shops urging passersby to “Have a glamorous Christmas” (in English, usually!) and playing the familiar tunes of the season, I’m once again noticing the holiday spirit take hold … and pass me right by.  I’m not intentionally grinchy; I blame it on student life. For the past few years, December has been more synonymous with exam stress than holiday cheer. By the time school’s over, Christmas is upon me, and there wasn’t even time to appreciate the build-up.

Bah! Humbug!


One thought on “Today, it snowed!

  1. SNOW! I remember when I used to love snow. Now I just like to see it far, far away from me…
    It has been in the 60-70s here and I know this means global warming BUT I kinda like it…

    No, Scrooge, Go AWAY! Bring the spirited Lotte to stay!

    Don’t worry, you’ll feel the cheer somehow!

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