Today, I take a breath and love myself on Day 4…

So here I am typing away in the Bethesda library. It’s so adorable! (By the way, a librarian is telling a man that he cannot sleep in the chair. Downgrade from Perkins @DUKE. LOL) But it’s quite cute. A glass enclosed room reminds me almost of Vondy@Perkins @Duke. I find myself missing the mediocre White Chocolate Mochas that could only be saved by exactly 3 packets of Splenda. And mera Charkie, Arkie aur Markie kaha hai?! (where are my ….?)  Today is a slightly more productive day, as I sit and read about Representation of Compounds and Types of Chemical Reactions… and with my Pandora Radio “Explosions in the sky” station on, I find myself finally breathing and continuing Operation: Forward.

 Tonight: Lincoln @BethesdaRowCinemas. Maybe a short review tomorrow? 🙂 And today marks Day 4 of this mixtape. As my emotions have changed, my original mixtape has also changed drastically  Since today is Saturday, 2 songs will appear… and neither of these songs were on my original list.

As for Hebe’s song LOVE! The lyrics are simple in both Chinese and English. None of the meaning has been lost here… but it is just lovely to listen to. ENJOY!

I love you
You love her
She loves her
She loves him

You love me
I love him
He loves him
He loves her

Why is it that in this world no one loves anyone anymore?
Why is it that no one in this world is happy?
Why is it that everyone loves other people but does not love themselves?

English Translation by


2 thoughts on “Today, I take a breath and love myself on Day 4…

  1. nice tunes todays (yesterday), Jarkie!! itt vagyok! (i am here) …. go get yourself some starbucks and erase those mochas! that is nostalgia talking.

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