Today, I…

…listen to the sound of a woodpecker against metal as I slowly awake from a central campus apartment.

…desperately attempt to avoid a ticket by peeking out the window every 3 minutes.

…ache with the pain and fatigue that not sleeping well for two weeks inevitably brings.

…rejoice at having a day off.

…bask in the warm glow of my first ever big girl paycheck.

…think and think and think some more, because who would I be if I didn’t?

…appreciate and miss my dearest friends who I spoke of a lot yesterday and who I am so blessed to have.

…try to temper my frustration at and concern for my beloved futbol teams and players.

…continue to “sate my wanderlust” by “perfecting” my Deutsch and Português. Bom dia, amigas! Ich Liebe dich alle!

…go to Asheville for a much needed change of pace and scenery.

…come back to todaycommai.


2 thoughts on “Today, I…

  1. you are doing so much today! i will forgive the absence, considering how much you seem to have on your plate 😛
    congrats on your pay¢he¢k!! sooo … when are you coming to visit?
    have a blast in ashyville! ich liebe dich auch!

  2. Markie is back! ❤ First off, I'm trying to learn Portuguese (and hungarian and thai and arabic) too! Bom Dia! Between all of us, we can travel the world! 😀 Congrats on having spending money and being a real adult! And eat lots of BONES and blueberry chipotle rub for us girls! ❤

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