Today, I experienced the most intense 30 seconds in recent memory.

It occurred between 10:00:00 pm and 10:00:30 pm, when exam registration opened up.

Knowing that empty slots on the days you want are likely to fill up fast, and armed with my Duke ACES course registration experience, I was as nervous as if I were actually taking my exams. My palms were sweaty (they still are) as, at 10 pm on the dot, I clicked on “register” for the Anatomy exam on December 21st.  A swirly screen came up, and then I had to log into my account again, and fear that I would have to resort to my backup schedule set in. The first thing I saw on the refreshed page was that 30/30 of the spots were full! However, thanks to a lot of luck and a good internet connection VICTORY WAS MINE!
The clock had just changed to 10:01.
The Hungarian and Biophysics slots I had hoped for were still available, too, and getting those was far less hectic.
… and registering was the easy part!! Now for actually passing …

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