Today, I take a deep breath … hesitantly.

Now that the anatomy midterm is over, the brother has left.  However, I think he AND his cousin will come back soon when the anatomy final stress hits with full force … probably this weekend. I basically have to learn all of 1st semester embryology in 2 weeks. Not “egg”actly a fun prospect …

Interesting sight in dissection today – we’ve moved beyond the limbs, and started looking at the trunk. The professor pointed out one of the cadaver’s lungs, which had a lot of black patches on it. Apparently, that was likely from pollution alone, since it did not even look as bad as smokers’ lungs!! Trust me when I say it looked bad enough, and has made me wary of breathing in city air in general 😛


One thought on “Today, I take a deep breath … hesitantly.

  1. Did we just post at similar times? LOL When I first came on, I didn’t see this post. Also, GILMORE GIRLS 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE. OMG I LOVE EMBRYOLOGY. I shall help! 🙂

    What should we breathe?! OH NO!

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