Today, I come back from a week long hiatus…

Ni Hao! Namaste! Jo napot! Hola! Bonjour! and the list goes on. How are you? Hogy vagy? Aap Kaise Ho? 🙂 This past weekend and last weekend = full of things. I moved into a new apartment, feel more like a REAL adult, saw a little more of DC aka going to the National Zoo again. I have started a panda family (my new stuffed panda + panda hat + panda headphones).

THE MOVE – two movers + a driver (who seemed to herd the movers like sheep, that part was a bit sad… ) came and helped us move. SO GLAD WE HAD THEM. I don’t know how else I would have made the move. We have a new spacious apartment and we don’t quite know what to do with it yet! We’re so used to only have our rooms that that’s exactly what we do now. We pretty much inhabit 1/3 of our apartment. PHOTOS BELOW. The unpacking process is slow but my timeline aims to complete it before I go back HOME TO KENTUCKY for the break! The first night was wonderful and the next morning, my roommate and I strolled to Tastee Diner (only a few blocks away from our apartment) to enjoy a hearty breakfast feast retro style 🙂

THE ZOO – They fed cheetahs rabbits RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES. All the parents and children oohed and aahed and when they tossed a white fluffy object to the cheetahs. We all thought it was a toy until blood started coming out, I saw the ears of the bunny and the cheetah tore at it. I’m sure that’s what we do too, we eat other animals… but I just wasn’t prepared for it. And I think the parents and children were even less prepared than I was. As for the pandas, I am still very much in love with Tian Tian and Mei Xiang. I am. Videos to come later.

Fun fact of the day (from the Smithsonian National Zoo): BODY LANGUAGE When they’re ready to mate, female pandas strike a pos. A female panda lifts her tail and stands very still when she’s read to mate. She’ll even walk backward in this position toward the male if he doesn’t take the hint.

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My birchbox: I GOT MY FIRST BOX! 🙂  It was exciting to receive the box. The products were a little less than exciting… but no worries, I’ll smell good and it’s time to try things I normally don’t use aka mascara and hair spray.

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