Today, randoms

*Kiwi – what an underrated fruit! I bought a basket of them (for some reason, they seem exotic to me, but they are pretty common here in BP) and have been enjoying them. I love the small crunch of the seeds and the perfect shade of green. According to my quick search, one cup of kiwi contains more vitamin C than a cup of orange slices, and has more fiber than most fruit! No, I have not taken up sponsorship by the National Kiwi Grower’s Association. Maybe I should, though.

*E-day has passed in a whirl of blue and red! I spoke with a 4th year student from Israel today, one of our Anatomy TAs, about the election, among other things. He told me how happy he was with the result, and how inspiring he found Obama’s victory speech. Since I’m not politically minded, it was nice being out of the election cycle antics, but also strange being so distanced from it. CNN result updates are the same in every country, I suppose. I remember watching the Bush-Gore election from my grandparent’s apartment in Toronto that year.

Reminder for 4 years from now – must get absentee ballot! Funny to think that in November 2016, I will still be a medical student. By funny, I mean kind of depressing. Unless I fail out, of course, which would be totally depressing.

*With exams looming – the second round of midterms, then semifinals, the studying has taken on a more frenzied pace. I’m still loving it most of the time, though. In a recent message, Arkie wrote, “You seem like Europe and medical school are both really agreeing with you; I mean, you actually seem happier and less stressed out than I ever remember you at Duke!” She may be right. Lets wait for the first exam period to pass, though.

*Some photos from last weekend, as promised, via Jessie. 

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2 thoughts on “Today, randoms

  1. Um send some kiwis my way! I will look for that fruit next time I’m at the supermarket! 🙂 And wonderful pictures!
    I think I need to learn to study like you… to “love it” and to be frenzied! Will learn from the greatest.

  2. HAHA @ “by funny I mean depressing”
    you’re funny 🙂 and by funny, I mean actually amusing.
    I still, to this day, have not eaten a Kiwi. Maybe I’ll try it with you.

    YAY pictures!

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