Today, I am on a cleanse…

Today marks my first complete day of a cleanse. Think of it however you will. There are always things in our lives that we’re trying to change, right? For some, it’s dependency on recreational drugs, for others it’s eating too much cake (ewww. You’d never catch me with this one), and yet for others it might be being a neat freak. And sometimes when we need to stop that habit, we experience withdrawal symptoms, right? But encouragement/support are the best for guiding us along and one way is to count! To make it feel like you’ve accomplished something. So for me, I am trying to give up something very important now and today is Day 1! First 27 hours clean! Let’s keep the counting!

World News brought to you from Stroke Cubicle – 11/8/2012

* Gambling in Maryland – I might not have agreed with this … and possibly voted No against Question 7 … but that’s beside the point… there are now high hopes on the Potomac (Prince George’s County) which for years has had struggles… cannot believe that this came at the expense of a $90 million campaign. We’ll see what the future holds.

* Colorado/Washington initiatives legalizing marijuana usage (small quantities) for recreational use (not just medicinal) … questions still loom. The Justice Dept is reviewing the initiatives but has not commented on how it’ll respond.

* “Pornographers threaten to flee L.A. after condom law passes” – wow, page 2?

* Remember the meningitis outbreak mentioned earlier this week? Pharmacy board chief in Mass. is dismissed….

* California man behind an anti-Muslim video (YouTube) has been sentenced to a year for lying about his identity…. Enraged Muslims have demanded severe punishment for him, including a $100,000 offer for someone who kills him.

* Earthquake (7.4 magnitude) in Guatemala kills at least 48 people (as of this morning) – near Mexican border … oh no!

* Keeping an eye on China’s power transition

* A plunge in stocks after Obama’s victory


One thought on “Today, I am on a cleanse…

  1. Here’s a headline: Scottish Government is trying to determine why there are so many ginger-haired people in Scotland.

    I laughed for like 10 minutes when I heard that on BBC Radio.

    Good luck on your cleanse, darling. Let us know if there’s anything we can say or do that will encourage you.

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