Today, I am looking at new places…

Ello! Happy Election Day! No new news in my life. Well, I will have to vacate my room in 30 days (hopefully we can extend that deadline), so now no more living half college-like environment/half grown-up world. It’s a full transition to grown-up world! EEP! Apartment hunting once again!

P.S. I got a Birchbox!

World News brought to you by Jarkie from a Stroke Center cubicle 😀 

  • “Young workers’ current struggles could leave them in a hole for decades” –
  • China’s leader, Hu Jintao, has overseen China for a decade and as he gets ready to step down, he is trying hard to bring his allies into high up positions. Oh Mr. Hu… apparently former chairman Jiang is gaining momentum with his allies. But let’s see what happens 🙂
  • Meningitis outbreak – pain-killing injections – compoundin gpharmacy in Massachusetts! Oh.Oh.
  • Tourism in Iran – foreign purchasing power at a high – hmm interesting theme going on the past two days
  • 363 reported killed (as of this morning) due to flood in Nigeria (the worst in at least 50 years!!)
  • Libya – key funder of Syrian opposition
  • “Apple’s new tablets are off to a fast start”
  • DC Metro Area – Body art is making a come-back! And one that sort of affects where I work but not me directly at all – Georgetown receives $20 million to fund study of the environment. Whoot!

❤ have a lovely day! let’s see what happens tonight! We will know!

One thought on “Today, I am looking at new places…

  1. this news of the day is really informative!!

    your current abode was like a stepping stone to the full-fledged adult home which is a bridge to the senior home?! 🙂

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