Today, I experience a mini-fire…

The fire fighters (2 fire trucks) came along! It was a bit embarrassing, two large trucks came and they had hoses out and ready in case they needed to extinguish a burning fire. What they found inside was two girls just trying to make some tacos, fire in the oven! Mitts on! Brave Man in suit comes along and carries oven out. Ahhhh. But long story short, we’re all safe. The house is safe. Everything is ok. On the outside… not sure what is brewing underneath… will that water boil? In a good way or not? We’ll see and I’ll keep y’all posted.

In other news, I stumbled across two shows that I have never seen before: The Voice and XFactor. Can I just say (this is coming from The Voice) Adam Levine is gorgeous? And is mine at night when my eyelids close to bring images of him along. 🙂

Wow, polls exist? How do they work?


4 thoughts on “Today, I experience a mini-fire…

  1. I’ve been watching the show Chicago Fire and wow, they’re all pretty sexy when they’re running into burning buildings and saving people! I’m glad you didn’t need that kind of rescue though AND you still got to see them 🙂

    I LOVE The Voice only because of Adam Levine (+ he and Blake Shelton have the cutest bromance…and CeeLo has a bird…) He is so SO cute and charming!

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