Today (or rather these past days), I am grateful for my…

hand crank flashlight! Yesterday evening, I was lazily lounging on my bed. Despite the fact that the surface area of my bed has increased by more than 50% since the good ole Duke days, I still treat it as if I were back at duke, so of course half of my body was hanging off. It’s a relaxing feeling, ya know? Anyways, I was just casually watching the news (yes! a new TV!!!! a real TV finally!) … they were reporting all the power outages in the DMV area and suddenly the lights flickered and I ever so slightly fell off the bed. At the same time, I heard different pitched “Ahhhhhh”‘s echo across the house. I guess that’s the positive aspect of living with others?

We all gathered in the basement, I suppose this is NOT what you should do if there’s a small chance of flooding, but oh well. We were stocked with candles , flash lights, a jack o lantern… and we had given ourselves plenty of food earlier in the day (I must have had 8 different meals yesterday!) that it was all just OK. We brainstormed ideas for what we should do if the power would be gone for the next week. But of course, I’m sitting here this morning typing this, with ABC/CBS/whatever channels on behind me (a lot of it is campaign ads) behind me, a cup of green tea (sent  by my dear grandpapa via my mom), in my hideous purple pajama pants, heater on, windows over looking an empty parking lot in Bethesda. It’s nice. So clearly, we will not need to resort to any of those plans we made. I’ll munch on some salted almonds (TGFC = thank goodness for costco) and will soon begin shows: New Normal, New Girl (as my friends will not let go until I watch this)… The news looks really scary though. I hope everyone stays safe.

Hopefully I can squeeze in my Nancy Drew computer game.

P.S. But don’t y’all forget to watch BBJX and Downton Abbey!!!!!


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