Today, things are looking up! (And, an apology)

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve last posted. I enjoy reading your posts immensely but I haven’t been able to write anything of import–I’ve mentioned to y’all that I’ve been in a funk lately. I hope that funk is lifting because things seem to be looking up!

I’ve already forgotten the first good thing….WAIT! I remember. I got my license with the RIGHT address so now I can go re-register myself and VOTEEE! Yes. 

I have a job! I mentioned it to y’all. I’m more of a freelancer-ish kinda person, I guess, but I will be getting paid so WOOT. But there is a lot of background work I need to do for it so I’m already feeling nervous and whatnot. Hopefully this will tide me over for the holidays–and maybe even beyond.

Christmas presents for everyone! 

High for today: Going to the beach this morning with the ‘rents. The ocean was intense and there were surfers in the water and I thought they were crazy! But I think the sea is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Its power is awesome and it’s just so expansive, I’m often breath taken when I look at it. 

Low for today: I watched a big soccer game today and it got really messed up. I won’t go into it because I am still literally feeling chest pain from my frustration but…yes, I’m still upset and it ended like four hours ago. 

I guess I’ll try to go watch Downton now! 


2 thoughts on “Today, things are looking up! (And, an apology)

  1. So excited about this employment, just as Lotte is! I’m still curious as to exactly what you will be doing, so you will have to update via phone/skype soon! ALSO, DOWNTON!!!!!!!!!!! WHICH EPISODE?! I NEED YOU TO CATCH UP TO ME! PLEASE!

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