Today, I lost an hour I had gained.

I only realized that today marked the daylight savings time change after I had gotten up and ready this morning, so there went my annual one extra hour of guilt-free sleep. But, I’ve spent the day eating sweets and talking with friends here and at home (WHEN DO I STUDY? you may very well ask. good question!!), so the day has been a relaxfest anyways.

The unexpected time change brought with it the unique experience of trying to explain it to someone in Hungarian. “It’s not 9, it’s 8,” I kept on saying to Anna, who looked at me like I was crazy, since the clock clearly said otherwise. The problem eventually got solved, and we both felt a bit silly.

These next few days, it really must be back to the books. But first, one more Google Hangout.


One thought on “Today, I lost an hour I had gained.

  1. This reminds me of having to lose a grade for the grade i skipped. Lol. But luckily everything happens for a reason and me skipping and then being held back again allowed me to meety’alls 🙂

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