Today, I went to class.

That in and of itself is nothing of noteexcept that it’s a Saturday! However, as our anatomy syllabus says, “Saturday is Monday” to make up for one of our days off this past week, so class it was. In middle school, I remember reading about a school (or schools in general?) in France that had half days on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and how appalling that seemed. This is hardly that bad, though, and I figure that the more anatomy is pounded into my head, the better! Plus, it shows a united effort of students, professors, and staff, since we all had to haul ourselves in.

After class, I went to get some tasty falafel at Dr. Hummus  with some classmates, and talked for a while before heading home to do some errands and settle in for the evening.

Otherwise, it’s been a relaxingly uneventful but studious week – first biophysics midterm done!  Next up, histology! (i.e. prepare to read about my trials and tribulations with that in the next 2 weeks)

I’ve also been catching up one by one with friends and family via the interwebs. Technology has really made my move pretty seamless.  With e-mail and video calling, being in Budapest feels mostly like being in a different state, as I would be anyways if I were at home. For that, I am truly grateful.

Sunday is Saturday!
Happy weekend 🙂


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