Today, the eagle has flown the nest!

And here I sit, with an open window, cup of coffee, anatomy notes, Born & Raised, and the anticipation of a Skype appointment with Markie later in the afternoon. This 4-day weekend has been quite the rejuvenator, but I know that its restorative effect will only last so long once classes start again tomorrow. But then, we wouldn’t appreciate the vacations if it weren’t for the work!

My neighbor across the way has just stepped onto his balcony garden for his routine inspection.  He reminds me of my grandpa, making sure that all is in order. The external wall of his apartment has these beautiful vines (?) of red, orange, yellow leaves. They’re the type that people would hang up as decoration, so it took me a while to realize that his are real.  It’s a little slice of autumn whenever I look out.

Jarkie is a sad panda lately, which has caused me to reflect on the nature of gut-wrenching, sleep-stealing sadness. I have yet to reach a meaningful conclusion.


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