Today, I thought about post-Duke life.

Jarkie and I talked about missing Duke today.

In my experience, the transition from college to adulthood is harder than the transition from childhood to college. At college, I built an adult identity – based on the values of my school, my friends, and my city – without realizing how much of that identity was tied to my surroundings.

It’s true that the longer I spend time in Philadelphia, the more I feel connected to UPenn, and the more those feelings of attachment to Duke are dissipating. But it doesn’t stop me from thinking, ‘Duke ’til I die!’ every time I see someone wearing a Duke shirt. I guess I’ll always have the roots. And I’m so proud to have them.


2 thoughts on “Today, I thought about post-Duke life.

  1. Arkie makes an appearance! I love it when that happens.

    I feel my attachment to duke increasing rather than dissipating as time goes on. But it hits a certain plateau that I think can’t compare to your level of school spiritedness.

  2. Yes! Excuse my delinquency as I’ve been having time management issues this year. Yo, it’s so true. I was so madly in love with Duke while we were there.

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