Today, I am keeping it cool…

This weekend was a tough one, particularly for me. I’m very sensitive, very fragile (no, I’m tough, everyone has their soft spots and it my case it’s emotionally). I don’t know how to accept reality but certain times no matter how enormous an effort you make, things do not happen the way you would like for them to happen. And so thinking through this past weekend and week, I am very grateful for my family and friends. Truly. Their presence has made me realize that this is all just a part of growing up (as much as I do not want to grow up).. and one day soon enough, I will look back to this weekend and think about how silly I was to spend all that time moping around in my room feeling as if Dec 21, 2012 had arrived early. Well, it obviously hasn’t because I am sitting here typing this in a cubicle.

A colleague at work had sent the following to cheer me up (and she didn’t even know the source of the problem), I will share this with all of you. If these pandas, on the verge of extinction (BUT WE WILL SAVE THEM!) are able to keep it cool, then I should too!

my favorite one? #20 – take a look

And so I will be sad but I will know that the time next week, and the next week, and the next week comes around, my sadness will soon be swept away, replaced by my desire to keep working towards what I want in my career, in my further education, and in life. So as Charkie as said below, Keep Calm and Bazinga! (#kcab!)

P.S. Many thanks to Charkie for keeping me company for an entire day … I know you are quite the busy soul! But thanks for being here for all the virtual slaps! You allowed me to not stare into space and twiddle my thumbs.


One thought on “Today, I am keeping it cool…

  1. way to put things into perspective! some emotional toil vs. species extinction?! i think we have a winner!
    and what an adorable picture!!! i love pandas, and WE WILL SAVE THEM.
    however, their plight does not diminish your sadness, either, so all you can try to do is #kcab and remember you live in the land of the free and multiple choice exams. the virtual slap pleasure has been all mine!

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