Today, I take a little night walk…

The room is not a great place to be. Messy. And so I go for the bed… and curling up in bed feeling blue is not the best thing to do (did you see that rhyme?!). So I pace the “common area” and wait for my flatmates to get home so that I can have someone to talk to, to try to pull the magnets away from each other in my mind. But then when we are all done with cooking failed foods and playing musical food (think musical chairs), the blues come back and I go back out into the common area and it’s a walk!  Late night Bethesda Row walk.

It’s such a nice place. As a girl coming from the suburbs and from a college campus in Durham, it’s almost refreshing to be able to walk late at night and feel warmth from people all around. My flatmate and I stop at Aveda and ponder the assortment of herbal, beautifying, smell-good, feel-good spa treatments from body waxing (bikini, French bikini, Brazilian, why so many?) to hair treatments to hot stone therapy. It’s all so expensive but just as Sara and her friend dream of the heavenly feast (A Little Princess) and so it is real, we can dream and it is real, correct? So we sit there and the store is closed but we imagine and we listen to the melody of the wind chimes and it is all so real… And then we open our eyes and we think Jack Johnson’s “Well I’m just people watching The other people watching me And we’re all people” and we see people talking nearby so we create conversations that they’re having. Just to have a fun laugh. A couple walks by and the husband playfully hits the windchimes so much that the wife smacks him and yells “WHY!? WHY are you like a CHILD?” How comfortable must one be at that point in the marriage to do that? A infant-toddler almost knocks out his mother hitting the windchime. a couple of boys smack the windchime confirming what the wife had said earlier. What a chime! and so now we head back as we feel droplets come down. There is is. “Grand Opening This Friday” – Drybar, a blow dry bar. No cuts. No Color. Just Blowouts. is their motto. How strange. The first thing I think of is well, why pay THAT much of my salary for just a BLOW DRY?! But the more I think about it the more interesting it seems to be.  ( Wash included. and the menu seems to have certain cocktails/drinks/mixed drinks that are supposedly shapes of blowouts. Enjoy!

Well, I’ll be sure to check it out … and let you know…. Good night, lovely readers. It’s time for me to be happy soon. I hope.


One thought on “Today, I take a little night walk…

  1. i am sad to think of you so sad. what an atmospheric post – i felt like i was walking in good old ‘thesda. good that you have some food and company and the space to clear your head.

    as for the dry bar — so confused. what is the business model? they mean blow dry your hair, right? + serve drinks? please report back; if you go for their grand opening, maybe they’ll have specials! ttys, and as always, LOL

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