Today, I’m comme çi, comme ça

If I hadn’t skipped yesterday’s post, it would’ve been entitled, “Today, I handled human limbs“.
Since we’ve started our next anatomy unit, we got the upper (shoulder to hand) and lower (hip to foot) parts of the cadaver, which we will be using for dissections the rest of the semester. It’s a whole new world of structures to memorize, a realization that detracted from the coolness of it a bit in my mind. I think I’ve also been desensitized to the novelty of it, having grown up surrounded by formaldehyde, and I wish I could bring myself to be more excited. The locomotor system is still fascinatingly complex, so maybe I am just feeling my physical limitations when it comes to the cutting specialties of medicine.

Today, though, I got the benefits of home cooking from my aunt. She gave me a little cooking lesson (shrimp, — Jarkie, I know you’re wondering). We cooked with soy sauce for the first time in far too long! I love visitors! Though they do take away some study time, they give life so much pleasure.


2 thoughts on “Today, I’m comme çi, comme ça

  1. For some reason the image of you being surrounded by formaldehyde growing up was a really potent one for me. Ick!

    Human limbsss! Maybe all those seasons of grey’s anatomy have desensitized you to the grotesque and diminished the novelty–lucky you!

    Visitors do give life some sort of vibrancy. Lately, I’ve been doing all the visiting but I hope to get visited eventually…

  2. You’re right! I’ve seen bombs stuck in bodies and people wedged on poles! Limbs shmimbs.

    I will be among your first visitORs hopefully 🙂

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