Today, I am still thinking of last night…


I still cannot get the episode out of my mind, even as I sit here at work, though no worries, I’m being quite studious at work, working diligently. Haha. 🙂 But truly, taking care of the things that need to be taken care of at work, I’ve got all that under control… but what is not under control is DOWNTON ABBEY! YES! I don’t want to give away any spoilers SO LADIES, CHARKIE MARKIE ARKIE! Watch it so that I do not have to be so elusive!!!!!!!!!!!

But in order news, I had a lovely weekend getting some studying in at Zen Tara Tea, getting a lot of tasty food in. Bethesda Bagels is so good , I need to go back and try their pizza bagels and bagel dogs. That sounds so delish. Also, Moby Dick House of Kabobs. And then Seven Psychopaths (pretty good!) at the Regal in Bethesda. I’m starting to really enjoy Bethesda, but I just noticed how everything is devoted to food. It’s probably quite unhealthy for me. But oh well. Too bad. And then a trip to target for household cleaning things. Making chicken stock. Going to Chinese grocery store.

3 thoughts on “Today, I am still thinking of last night…

  1. Food is, rightly so, very important in your life! Embrace it! You’ve now made me wary of watching the rest of Downton, though, since it’s in a relatively happy place where I last left it. Maybe I’ll wait till you can assure me everything turns out ok!

  2. Ditto to char…I’m afraid to watch! But before your emotional spoilers get too overwhelming, I will try to catch up tomorrow 🙂

    You must take me to this tea place when I visit! And did I notice something on facebook about watching Beauty and the Beast? Are you talking about the new painfully unoriginal CW series or the actual movie?
    *please say movie please say movie*

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