Today, weekend: redux

I’ve always wanted to use the word “redux”! I’m crossing that off my bucket list.

It seems as though a cold has stricken Budapest, and not passed over me. On my way to school on Friday, I couldn’t help but notice the people coughing and sneezing around me. Being sick reminds me how much to value not being sick. I think I’m on the upswing, though, so here’s hoping that’s the case. This is hopefully not related to my bucket-list comment. 😛

My aunt from HK is in town for a few days, and I met with her today to be coddled in the way relatives do.  🙂 It so happened that her visit is work-related, which is a happy happenstance indeed. Sometimes, I wonder how I ended up living in Budapest, how my parents and relatives ended up leaving their homes and settling where they did, whether I am somehow betraying their efforts by leaving the U.S. Then, I consider that maybe – especially nowadays – our world is just a continuum of space that we occupy.


One thought on “Today, weekend: redux

  1. yay for visitors! is it weird to have someone from home life in a place you associate with school life? i find that so strange…like when friends come to cary or when my family came for graduation…

    Stay healthy! ❤

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