Today, I got thrown up on by a baby.

And I liked it! Ok…not liked, exactly. But I didn’t hate it.

After a brief “DID SHE GET MY SHOES” moment, I just went about my business, trying to clean myself off and clean her off and stop her from crying.

And then, at another point, I was holding her and this other reallllly adorable baby crawled over and we became bffs but then the babies started making each other cry so I had two little ones crying and I was trying to console one and feed the other and keep them both from touching each other and I was like–wow, having kids is going to be hard but I’m soooo excited!

Anyway, backstory–I’m volunteering at the nursery at my church. This is my second week (last week, I went home because there weren’t enough babies) and today, 3 of us were there trying to keep 4 infants and 1 crawler happy. It was great.

In other news, my future life planning has been refreshed and I’m finding some cool avenues to travel down. Hopefully something pans out 🙂

p.s. I got these REALLY cute shirts from the mall. They’re the same shirt in two different colors. I just HAD to have them both. So. Cute.

p.p.s. This still doesn’t mean I like shopping. My mom says “this is what women do on saturday…” When I’m a woman, I’ll prove her wrong.


One thought on “Today, I got thrown up on by a baby.

  1. Yay, we’ve contributed to the blogosphere’s vomit tag!! 😛

    haha, but seriously, you are FUNNY 😀 glad you’re liking the volunteering (maybe too much? i mean, do mom’s even get excited about their babies throwing up?) and the future!

    ooh, tell me more about the shirts! you at least have to acknowledge the pivotal role of shopping in the acquisition of these new shirts… anyways, mamas know best.

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