Today, I am grrrrrrrrrrr!

Well, this is stemming from last night, actually and I’m sure today will be great and this post will probably have been a waste but right now I am sooo frustrated!

I HATE when people constantly try to prove me wrong/correct me about EVERYTHING I SAY. Seriously, it’s so annoying and so condescending and literally makes me not want to say anything. But what’s worrrsssee is that 9/10 I AM RIGHT! I’m the one who has the facts but when someone corrects me, I just defer and let them take the intellectual credit.

So I’m frustrated at people who constantly have to correct people (not just me–they do this to everyone) and assert their intelligence in a pushy way.
But I guess I should be more frustrated at myself for not being confident enough in my vast knowledge to stand my ground when other people are trying to trip me up.

UGH. This whole “being the bigger person” thing realllly gets in the way of the “I told you so” moment I want to have right now.

Last 2 days update:
Anyway, the other night I went to a concert and then after that I saw this guy stumbling drunk–like shwasted–and he couldn’t find his car even though it was in the middle of the lot not surrounded by any other cars and I was shocked at the fact that he was going to drive and then we tried to call the police but were too late to get his license plate number and I felt sick about it the rest of the night because I’ve never actually seen a drunk driver before.

Yesterday, I was in Durham most of the day. I went to Guglhupf and it actually wasn’t that good–not because they didn’t cook it well but there was something wrong with the food. Then, I went to Ox and Rabbit/Vaguely Reminiscent with Nohasss!! It was lovely seeing her and made me miss Youmners! Then I helped a friend cook a birthday dinner for another friend and that night 5 of us had dinner and champagne and mostly fun times and I actually felt like a student again for a little while. And while we were cooking, we played Christmas music and the kitchen was warm and I was SO happy because I could smell the holidays.


2 thoughts on “Today, I am grrrrrrrrrrr!

  1. Oh our grrrrrs are similar! NO WORRIES!!!!! We’ll get the better of the deal soon enough. 🙂 Also, OMG i am so jealous of your durham adventures. I miss NC a lot, almost as much as I miss KY (but not quite :P) but more so I MISS YOU!

  2. Grrr indeed!! Assert yoself, woman!! And those people are annoying, no matter whether you are a bigger or a littler person. Sorry you had to have such a frustrating encounter with them!

    About the driver — SCARY!!

    About Christmas — 🙂 but it’s not even Halloween yet!


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