Today, I am a permanent resident.

After concentrating all my limited brain power into the bones and the subtle fossae and foramina riddling our skulls, I am a bit tired today. Without good reason, either, considering I just had one class. There are joints to learn now! And muscles! My mind is willing, but also a bit weak. Time to build some stamina 🙂 This has been the EASY part!

In other news, I got my residence permit/student visa today (by “permanent”, they mean valid for 2 years). It’s a little card with a picture of me sans glasses looking Not Amused. It’s a surreally tangible symbol of the “living abroad” international experience with which I’ve hoped to color my life.


One thought on “Today, I am a permanent resident.

  1. ah I’ve never seen your Not Amused face sans glasses. I am not so secretly jealous that you aren’t living in America right now. Hopefully I’ll join your expat ranks sooner rather than later 🙂

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