Today, I am glad to be back…

I am so glad to have returned from my NYC journey. Everyone seems to have such a fascination with that city and it just doesn’t see to float my boat.. ya know. Of course, there were some stressful times, but that was combated with a lovely Chinatown massage … can I get a discount next time for advertising? ( – A 60 minute whole body massage is only $40 (cash) $41 (credit) and it was so wonderful, I walked out as a brand new person. Then of course I met up with a good friend of mine who brought tea from the motherland (which my dad will want, but I’m taking one little packet as tax, pu-er tea straight from Yunnan) and we dined at a new, tasty, authentic Sichuan food (if you love Spicy /Sichuan food, stop by here, it’s near K-town) – – well, Yelp doesn’t seem to like them as much, but as a Yunnan ish (I know, wrong province… lol and technically I’m Anhui but whatever….) girl, I can endorse this without shame 😀  …

But even after all this, I’ve come to realize that I like my peace, I like people, but I like people who are not in a rush, who are just able to enjoy life. NYC is a great weekend place for sight-seeing but it’s just not my cup of tea when it comes to living… I’m like a grandma driving an old car on the highway when I walk in Manhattan. hehe seeing dozens of people pass me up. *Sigh*

P.S. This chilly weather? I love it oh so much! Time for pumpkin, gingerbread flavored things, scarves, leg/arm warmers, fuzzy socks, coats coats coats (all kinds), scarves, hats, OH I LOVE THIS WEATHER!


Lovely Chinatown!


4 thoughts on “Today, I am glad to be back…

  1. can def relate to your lukewarm feelings about nyc. canNOT relate to having a one-hour massage, lucky person you! & the yummy food!! NO FAIR

  2. I third the notion of lukewarm NYC feelings. Though the last time I was there I really enjoyed it…but I was only there for 3 hours so maybe that doesn’t count lol

    Love you, old lady!

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