Today, there was Blue (Devil) Blood in the Dissection Room

I met another Dukie, in the anatomy dissection room, of all places! As it turns out, one of our TAs spent a year as a Blue Devil! We were always told that Duke connections could find us in random corners all over the globe, but now I’ve experienced it 🙂

I tend towards ambivalence about my time there. However, the more distance arises, the more I realize what my time at Duke did (and didn’t) do for me. One thing I’ve taken with me to medical school is being primed for failure. In a good way! It sounds terrible, and at times, it was a hard lesson, but at Duke, I got so used to underachieving compared to my goals, that it became normal. That allowed me to separate success from my sense of self worth, something I’m still working on, but that has served me well so far this semester. I find myself less stressed – perhaps to a fault, considering the exam crunch –  and more easygoing. I still want to do well and I do still aim high, but I don’t take the fall so personally or permanently.


3 thoughts on “Today, there was Blue (Devil) Blood in the Dissection Room

  1. Woaaah Dukies, represent!!

    “separate success from my sense of self worth”–wooowww what a wise statement. This is something so difficult to do and I feel like as students/smartypants/academicians/etc it seems like we’re kind of supposed to link the two so we can fear failure. I’ve learned, though, that fearing failure does not motivate enough to guarantee success. Ugh, life sometimes, eh?

    I’m glad you feel more easygoing though, cuz that stress stuff es no bueno para ti.

  2. “no stress no stress no stress” – jesse mccartney

    Very well written and I definitely am glad for all my Duke experience even if I didn’t enjoy all of them at the time.

    • Reason #34558 we are friends: you quote jmac!!! Btw, Ive found a jmac 2.0 to hold me over till he releases a new album. I have some shame so will not post his name or songs here, but rather send them to you in my next email 🙂

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