Today, I need to get back on the ball.

I haven’t applied for a job in almost 2 weeks now. I’ve just become sooooo exhausted with the process. And it’s frustrating because some jobs will just nevvvvver get back to you and it’s moments like those where I actually wish I could get a rejection letter!

I’m really confused about what I should be doing right now. I need to travel. Seriously, I’m going crazy over here. We took my dad to the airport at 4am and I wished I could get on the plane with him. Ugh. Madrid is calling! Paris is calling! Budapest is calling! New York, Philly, Maryland, heck even Duke is callllllinnnnnggg. 

Anyway, I won’t go into the confusion of it all because…well it’ll get confusing for y’all too. All I know is, the bandwagon is leaving and I gotta hop on soon. 

…I’ll start tomorrow. 


2 thoughts on “Today, I need to get back on the ball.

  1. I was going to say that you must be really stir crazy if Maryland is calling, but then I remember jarkie is there 🙂
    Don’t give up! Something great could always be right around the corner!

    • Ahahahaha – well it shows that Markie loves Maryland no matter what. I mean the first three letters of the state and her name are the same! And yes to what Lotte said! Don’t give up hope! My dad had two masters and a PhD and a boatload of experience and it still took him about a year to find a job, he sent in hundreds of apps. NO WORRIES! Something great will smack you in the face unsuspectingly !

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