Today, I am looking at the rain…

It’s raining really heavily… I almost got smushed by a bus, but I apparently don’t know how to honk. I’ve maybe used the car horn once or twice and those times have been on accident (i.e. when I accidentally pushed my weight into my steering wheel and thus setting off the horn). I’ve never really needed to learn how to until today when I saw a bus merge into my lane, it was raining, I was feeling a little blue (a bit down and sad, frankly, but we’ll see about that) and I just froze. Luckily my mind realized that I needed to get out of the way as the bus had already come too far. There was no point of return so I moved out of the way (steal the lane to the other side of me, luckily, no cars) and got back in front of it.

Well, and I’m feeling a bit blue today. I don’t know how I should feel. But I am glad to have my lovely dear friends: Charkie, Arkie, Markie (CAM!) as they bestow upon me lovely pictures of fuzziness. Off to work I go!


2 thoughts on “Today, I am looking at the rain…

  1. Fast and Furious, Janet Style! I like the description of your driving adventure. Quit your job and come write screenplays with me. Wait, no, stay working there and support us while we write the screenplays!

    I’m sorry you’re feeling blue, darling. Bigggg virtual hug! *squeeze* But try to stay positive until you have a definite reason to be sad for a while–living in the unknown can be scary and depressing but it also means there’s hope and maybe that will brighten up your day a little more amidst the dark storm clouds.


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