Today, I explain.


I’m at work with my dad today so not much is going to happen. I’m going to blow up a whole bunch of soccer balls and put them in buckets to make sure they’re not leaking air so he can take them to Haiti with him on Wednesday. And then I’m going to do clerical things since I’m his assistant now or something. 

So because nothing is going to happen today and Jarkie and Charkie expressed interest, I will give a little more information into my football obsesh. 

Ok, at the risk of giving way too much needless information and beating y’all over the head, I’ll summarize.

My favorite national team, since birth and forever, is Brazil. Forever and always. Haitians, for some reason, are born to cheer for Brasilia. There is a small minority that cheers for Argentina (Brasil v Argentina is one of the biggest rivalries in the history of the sport) but otherwise, Haitians are honorary Brazilians. After they lost in the WC, a kid walked in front of a car because he was so devastated (kind of intense…I just cried like most other people). So, I hope that explains why I don’t cheer for America (i have been criticized for my allegiance)…among other reasons (like they can’t play like the rest of the world does). And I’ll start cheering for Haiti if they ever make it to a world cup…

Then, in order: Spain (current world and european champs), England, Germany.

My love for Spain, though it will never eclipse Brazil, is pretty strong. And thus, my favorite club team is Real Madrid because they have the most spain players and also had/have my favorite brazilian players (beckham used to play for them too!) Barcelona also has many of the spain players and the Real/Barcelona rivalry is prettttttty intense but i still have to go with Real because of my brazilians.

They don’t show many, or any, La Liga (spanish league) games so I watch the English Premier League (now officially called Barclays but EPL sounds better than BPL)  pretty regularly and my teams are: Liverpool and Manchester United. I’ve cheered for ManU for a while and my love for Liverpool is a relatively new one…however, they played each other last weekend and I found myself rooting for Liverpool…maybe because they’re underdogs this season and I want their new coach to do a good job and their captain is one of the most well respected/lovable players in all english football.

Anyway, this is where rivalries with my dad comes in because he hates those teams and I hate his teams (Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal) and the back and forth while we’re watching the games is pretty vicious/entertaining. 

Ok, I don’t want to dive too deep into this so I won’t expound on my favorite players on the teams and whatnot but I must say that, even though I hate Chelsea, I adorrrrrrre Fernando Torres (who plays for, you guessed it, Spain and used to play for liverpool) and think he’s magnificent and wonderful and so I enjoy watching those games anyway.

I have to give a shout out to Clint Dempsey who is one of two Americans playing in the EPL (the other is Tim Howard, a goalie) which is an amazing feat and he’s actually really good and I’m amazed that he was able to rise up out of “soccer” here in the states and play real football. 

Ok, that is all. The last thing I will volunteer is that I’m amazed at how young these players are. Some of them are only 1 to 2 years older than me. Many are even younger than me. And they’re out there playing professional soccer, making millions upon millions, and being awesome. It’s amazing to see and inspires me to do something more with my own life. No way I’m having some 18 year old upstage me! 😛

Thank you for bearing with me, friends. I hope you have learned something new and I hope I can convert you into soccer fans, slowly but surely. I can’t wait til we’re like really old and I’m still inviting you to my world cup viewing parties. And oscar parties…and emmys parties…y’all better get ready for many parties in our future!

Ok, really, I’m done now. This is me procrastinating so I need to stop.

Forca Brasil, Hala Madrid, joga bonito, etc. 


3 thoughts on “Today, I explain.

  1. This was quite informative! Both about football in general and about you! I finally know what Barclays is – gracias!! I though it was a British bank up til now that was in the news a lot. Haha. Of course I also appreciate the Beckham mention 🙂 I cheer for
    whatever team hes on. Btw, someone in my group mentione they were on a beach with a famous footballer … I think it was Ronaldo… And he was surrounded by bodyguards and not polite to his fans, telling them to leave him alone etc.

    Ok, that’s all I’ve got to contribute to this topic. 🙂

    • I express Charkie’s sentiments: very informative! Completely helped me understand, like she says, football and you! BUT I LOVE CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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