Today, I feel at peace…


I am sitting at a wooden table with a wooden tray with a pot of Organic Red Tiger Tea (citrus/fruity pu’er tea) and a single lavender cup with a sand timer to time the brewing of my tea. In front of me are my study materials with a notebook. The iron is hot once again.  

Along with me came three other girls from my house. The table can seat two but are much more comfortable for just one which means that we take up 4 of the 9 tables they have in this shop (Zen Tara Tea shop). Once can purchase a variety of teas ( the great wall of Bethesda) and there are otherlittle handicrafts in the back to purchase. And just yesterday I found a little Chinese reflexology acupressure place (Synergy Wellness Center) and came out feeling lovely …. I at once remembered my times in China. It was just the massage for me working out all the little knots of tension and stressI have accumulated lately at an affordable price 🙂 such a great weekend and it is not yet over.On my way to feeling healthier emotionally and physically and mentally. Loving you all 🙂

P.S. watch BBJX! Today is the day!!!!! DOWNTON ABBEY!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Today, I feel at peace…

  1. oh my! all this sounds lovely and amazing, just like you 🙂
    i want some good tea now!and a great massage!
    annddd i need to catch up on downtown!
    i’m glad that you’re starting to get better in all those ways. harmony in your mind, body, and soul is very important ❤

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