Today, I had a taste of city nightlife

We had a group dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, and it was so much fun!  I am so lucky to have been placed in a group of genuinely kind and considerate people.  — all with such interesting lives and engaging personalities!

Then, on the way back home, I happened to meet another 1st year student, and we stopped to chat. It’s been a surprisingly common experience for me to bump into a familiar face unexpectedly on the streets of Budapest. It makes the whole city feel smaller and more interconnected.


2 thoughts on “Today, I had a taste of city nightlife

  1. wow this sounds awesome! budapest nightlife, hanging out with friends–it seems like you are getting the best of both worlds socially and educationally! can’t wait to come out and visit you…I hope it will be sooner rather than later. Maybe I won’t tell you when I’m coming and you’ll just bump into me on the street and we’ll be like wow, small world.

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