Today, I’ve been here a month!

Exactly 4 weeks since I left! It feels like so much longer, what with all the Life Experience that has transpired.  I still have those “pinch me” moments when I wonder at the fact that this, here, is my life, both for the good and the bad that it contains. Yesterday, I took out pajamas that I hadn’t yet worn here, and they smelled like home, which made me briefly nostalgic. There’s definitely more settling in to be done, despite the fact that the transition has been surprisingly smooth for me.  The thought of the years ahead makes me wary, but one day at a time!


3 thoughts on “Today, I’ve been here a month!

  1. yup! one day at a time. it’s so interesting how smells can do that… there was a perfume that i wore every day in india and every time i smell that perfume, i think of udaipur and my host mom and biking to class 🙂

  2. oh my! can’t believe it’s been that long! see how fast time has flown already? it’ll keep flying and you’ll grow to love it even more 🙂

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