Today, some family history

Apparently, my grandfather was in an internment camp (this was very casually mentioned by my dad, as if it’s the sort of thing that happens to people. I guess it was during that time). This was close to his city in Arad, Romania, and apparently it was only for a few weeks, with mild conditions for the detained.

Anyways, my grandpa became famous in the camp for being the only one who could shave without a mirror. Perhaps this is where I got my knack for putting on makeup without a mirror!!

Also – I wasn’t alone sitting up front and center in Anatomy today! Usually, everyone avoids the first row, and my wheelchair has to be parked in front of the front row, since there are steps to all the chairs. However, today, some friends joined me for an up close and personal view of the temporal bone model.

A shoutout to B, a fellow M1, group12-er who has a great blog (!


2 thoughts on “Today, some family history

  1. Woah, your G-Pa is amazing! You know what they say about apples and trees, char. And your makeup skill is quite uncanny.

    Yay for friends sitting together in class! Remember when we sat in front recitation with Ramen (romin)? good times.

    Miss youuuu

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