Today, I LOVE futbol!

I didn’t really know what I was going to write for my post. I went to work with my dad to do some assistant-y things for him (I even made him tea! yumm) and yeah, not much else went on with me.

But I’m finally finishing the recording of a soccer game from a couple of weeks ago (Real Madrid vs. Manchester City). I have a few favorite teams and since Barclays (English) Premier League AND UEFA are happening right now, my eyes have been GLUED to the tv and I am in football heaven! I always tell my dad that soccer is twice as enjoyable for me because I love watching the game and the players. 😉 


One thought on “Today, I LOVE futbol!

  1. You made your famous tea!! I bet it was yummy and I am jelly!
    Definitely true about twice the enjoyment!
    You ve know reminded me to look up pictures of Beckham. Thanks. ❤

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