Today, I explain the break.

It’s been a few days with a couple of unexpected events and new lessons. A downside of blogging, especially “daily”, is that one often doesn’t feel like talking about personal things to an audience that feels public.

In the interest of partial disclosure, I said goodbye to someone important, to whom I will always owe a great deal.

I also felt the strong support of my family and friends. If you’re lucky, there are those people who act like safety nets; even if you don’t take them for granted, they can be a lot more buoyant than you anticipated when the fall comes.

On the medical school front, I feel a temporary grasp on the workload.  It’s tenuous, but maybe it’ll stay for the next few days!


One thought on “Today, I explain the break.

  1. Your post is succinct and wise, much like you 🙂
    Love you, darling! And I’m glad that you’re getting a grasp on the workload! Remember this foreverrrrr!

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