Today, I am working overtime again…

It’s kind of a cycle as I’ve mentioned between. PT appointment this morning, and finally they put me to work! Today’s appointment was exactly how I imagined PT to be… though I really felt like I was in the gym. 1) Leg press 2) Go up on tippy toes and come back down 3) Reverse climb a step and come back down 4) Stand on one foot on a squishy plate and throw a ball at a trampoline and catch it without losing balance (ok, this one was really confusing. this is something that is hard for me even when I have both legs planted firmly on the ground!) 5) Ellipticals (machine)….

So there it is! and now I am at work, eating triple ginger snaps from trader joe’s and drinking tea from trader joe’s and I had dinner last night and lunch today from trader joe’s… see a pattern? I think it’s my new obsession. Ok, back to work and then off soon! ❤ ttyl

[[EDIT]] home from a long day and I’ve figured out that baking foods for dinner is quick and simple and tasty and healthy 🙂 Here is my baked tilapia (is it tilapia? it’s been sitting in my freezer for so long that I’ve forgotten) with side of green beans and broccoli/cauliflower (trader joe’s? i love you) – Straight from Jarkie’s kitchen (one day she’ll own her own chain of restaurants… but still working on that along with the acting thing ya know… but the job that I have on the side right now 😛 ) –

Garlic-Lime-Butter Tilapia w/ Green Beans


2 thoughts on “Today, I am working overtime again…

  1. Yumyumyum!
    Trader Joe’s is amazing. Fave store. They have this amazing cereal that I’m obsessed with but I don’t get it often since it’s over $4 a box…which is ridiculous in my current economic state.

    I’m glad you’re doing PT because you’re too young to have lifelong pains! How is it feeling today?

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