Today, I think of Bodhi Spa….

I had a lovely weekend pretending to be a college student again. Being back on Dukes campus, I felt as if nothing in me had changed. Despite turning one year older and entering further into that stage of adulthood I felt I had gone back to the time of 18-21 years old (haha so long ago, right? Hahaha). I got to of course see the boy, I got to see my frat :), I got to see my study abroad group, and other friends. The president of the University threw a ball for my birthday. And of course I was reunited with Markie!!! 

Though I did not want to leave, there’s always a time to go so I am currently at the airport. I got here quite early and am sitting at the massage lounge aka using the massage chair.  I think I’m already missing college days. But I try not to think to much about that and decide that I can afford to miss the days in Beijing during my study abroad where we had one hour massages for only 15 US dollars will all you can eat and drink  fancy foodd. ok my iPad doesn’t like this typing. I’ll see y’all tmrw!




One thought on “Today, I think of Bodhi Spa….

  1. Ahh those were the days. But also remember the late nights of stress and the repetitive food. Those actually don’t seem as bad anymore. Hmm. Glad you got to relive it!

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