Today, I say “did you know….?”

I’m finally on time with my “Today, I…” post! YAY!

New Fact of the Day (I really should be posting this on Sept 21, but it won’t hurt to post it now. Knowing me, I’ll have forgotten by then)… to preface this all, I randomly stumbled on to (not stumbleupon) a Na Ying song and realized that she is part of the Yehenara clan which then led me to research about Yehenaras and then Manchu people and then of course, important Manchu people, and of course Qing Dynasty emperors. I’m seriously waiting for my chance to time travel … haha.

So here it goes, did you know that the 1st emperor of the Qing Dynasty (though he never saw the overthrow of the Ming Dynasty, also his father was posthumously given the title of the first emperor of the Qing Dynasty making him the 2nd emperor of the Qing Dynasty) died on the same day (oh I forgot to point out that this was most definitely many years ago) I was born? Also, he possibly died of a stroke. Interesting, eh?

P.S. I suppose it’s a shame that he did not live to see his life’s work accomplished… but I guess stroke research has come a long way 🙂


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