Today, I am jealous.

Recently, I watched a Modern Family episode (omg funniest show ever) in which Gloria, played by the lovely Sofia Vergara, realized that a discomfort she was feeling was actually jealousy. She had never been jealous before and didn’t know what it felt like and was shocked by its power. 

Unfortunately, I do know what it feels like and I know I’ve felt it quite a bit. Jealousy can come from anywhere and out of nowhere and it’s one of those involuntary emotions that I wish I could vanquish all together.

Alas, this is impossible. And while I could sit here in a funk, cursing at the wind being sucked out of my sails, I will just try to rise above and be happy for the amazing gift another has received…or I will Tumblr and Downton Abbey my problems away. 

…yep, I like that option better 🙂 


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