Today, I hold住 …

I’m always intrigued by when different cultures borrow vocab form other cultures… my favorite (of course, I’m biased) is Chinese(mandarin)-English mixed vocabulary, aka CHINGLISH. Today I’m feeling this phrase: 

  • hold住 (pronounced hold-zhu) – literal translation is “hold steady” – it refers to staying calm and keeping everything under control when confronted with any sort of situations. Despite the various medical conditions that are trying to bring me down lately, I’m hold-zhu [ing] the situation.
  • (pronounced ‘jiong’) – not really chinglish but it’s used for texting and I find it adorable – it’s actually a character that is so old and obsolete that no one really understands the original meaning – currently used to expression sadness or frustration. Look at the character slowly, doesn’t it look sad? Unhappy with it’s frown and furrowed eyebrows? 

Ok, lunch break is over! Until then!

P.S. Watch BBJX!


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