Day 3 … When will I stop counting?

Today was anatomy day again, and by Monday, we have to know the bones from the clavical to the lower leg.  Jarkie – the foot/ankle will be next!  That was followed by Latin (medical terminology), which has by far the most laidback professor.  We talked and did introductions for almost an hour, just my group and him in this large lecture hall in the ob/gyn clinic.  I’m starting to get to know my groupmates better, which is nice.  Like most people, probably, I worry when I start some place new that I’ll never make friends.  And as for most people, that’s not usually the case.

Given that my anatomy textbooks and I are becoming best buds, I noticed that one of them was dedicated to the deceased son of the author.  I have a – in this case, morbid – fascination with dedications; what inspires them, for whom they’re written, etc.  “For X” just raises so many questions and can be incredibly haunting!

My favorite dedication is another sad one, written by Simon van Booy in his collection of short stories “Love Begins in Winter” (Markie can attest to the fact that SvB is one of my top 5 favorite contemporary authors): “To Lorilee van Booy.  If you are not here, then why are you everywhere?” Gets me every time!


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