Today, I summarize yesterday.

I have to admit that day 1 of medical school spooked me a little bit, though I’m not sure why.  Things seem better after a night of sleep and a free Tuesday morning.

Yesterday started with an anatomy practical (in a group of about 15 with whom I’ll share all my classes), and we met our dissection professor for the next 2 years.  Almost immediately, we launched into our first unit, osteology, by discussing the humerus; it was not very humerous (*ba-dum-ch). There are more nooks and crannies (technical terms) in the bones than I imagined, and of course we have to know them all backwards and forwards (or rather, posteriorly and anteriorly).  Once  I got past the sheer volume, though, anatomy is an interesting language to learn. On Wednesday, we’ll have the chance to play with the humerus, radius, and ulna, which we’re supposed to study by then.

This was followed by back-to-back anatomy lectures, the first given by the head of the anatomy department about the history of anatomy, and the second given by the director of English anatomy instruction about histological methods. The first time I met her was earlier in the day when I was getting shown around the building for the first time in my manual wheelchair. She was … brusque, and told me that I would be expected to do all the work, she was not sure whether I’d be able to manage, yadayada.  Think Dolores Umbridge.  During lecture, though, I got the impression that she’s more a McGonagall.  We’ll see …

The lecture hall is an old-fashioned theatrum anatomicum.  A staff member rings the bell before the lecturer enters, and, per tradition, we are expected to stand when they arrive and applaud when they are finished.


The last class of the day was Hungarian language. I only have 5 minutes to get there, which means I will probably always be late, but the instructor is understanding.  “Different, not difficult,” she called her subject.

My mom left yesterday, too, which probably contributed to my doubts about this new and long venture, but today, I am all about the keeping on and carrying on. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Today, I summarize yesterday.

  1. I’m glad that despite your e-niang (being too asian these days) coming back to the US, you’ll have Tarkie (i’m not sure how that works) there with you, keeping you company as you LEARN ALL THE BONES IN THE BODY! In terms of anatomy, could you please study a little more about the ankle and the achilles tendon? Oh I’d love you oh so much. I’d cook for you every day. CURE ME! #I’ve got jokes…

    But in all honestly, I really love the way you wrote this post. You’re learning already. You should thank ME. AND THANK ALL YOUR SNARKIES 🙂 Because we help you learn /study! Hahaha, you should just recite everything to Tarkie at night 🙂 Really excited to read about these things 🙂 Because I know you don’t have time to continuously update us. Also, creeper Charkie taking creeper pictures in class!

  2. wow, char, you have got jokes, haven’t you? This post is such a hoot. And I was gonna say YOU WOULD take a secret pic during lecture but, alas, the photo is not from your hand.

    The room does seem rather daunting for one afraid of heights…I would say I’d sit in the front but I’m not sure I could make it down to the front without catching a bout of vertigo.

    And finally, since you and Jannie are learning new languages, I’ll stubbornly revive old ones and say Ich liebe dich.

    p.s. i’ll def respond to your email asap!

    • ich liebe dich auch! i havent forgotten my love of deutsch, or given up hope that we will one day have a conversation in it 🙂
      don’t worry, you get into the lecture room via the front, so you could sit next to me!!

  3. i’m SO SO proud of you!!! and hope McGonagall ends up showing up in place of Umbridge. Although, that whole “ringing of the bell” and “applause departure” sounds rather Pavlov-ic 😉 enjoyyyy “Charkie” 😛

  4. I have complete faith in you.

    Plus your lecture hall/format looks exactly like hogwarts! The bell thing is a little excessive. I feel like it’d better be used to wake up sleeping students. Eeh to each his own I guess

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