Today, I’m working…and I need a job

I’m currently developing a one week science and math (hold the math, temporarily) program for the 10th-11th graders at the school in Haiti. But they’ve never had science lab before or anything like that so my demos will definitely be more middle school level. If y’all have any suggestions on fun and easy (to explain) science-y things, lemme know!

I’m also currently freaking out, y’all. I mean, I’m thinking grad school, law school, med school (wha???)….what if I made the wrong decision and never get a job and stay here forever. My mom would love that. I am already not loving it. I know my fears are exaggerated but seriously I’m at such a crossroads right now…but I can’t see any of the roads around me!

I just wanna work on my dreamers series and get a move on, travelin’ around the world. What if I start a kickstarter account? Will you help me edit my proposal? Any one of you have grant writing powers?

Wait. I have decided what to do. I’m listening to “Defying Gravity” right now and have decided….I’m going to become green and audition for Wicked. I’m sure they’d applaud my dedication to the character, non?


3 thoughts on “Today, I’m working…and I need a job

  1. OMG OMG! Markie, I’ve been through them all! Grad School (GRE classes), Law School (LSATs) and Med School (MCAT!) … which leads me to the conclusion that you must prepare for MED SCHOOL AVEC MOI!
    OUI OUI! It’s settled then 😀

  2. On a side note, disregard everything I said above (unless you want to be with me in Med school of course :P), think of it this way, it’s only been ONE summer after we’ve graduated?! You not finding a job could possibly be due to something you’re doing wrong, of course… however, it is MUCH MORE LIKELY not due to that. I heard pretty wise words from my significant other the other day who told me that he was glad that he waited and didn’t accept other jobs that he didn’t want, because even though he was at crossroads at one point, he finally got the job he wanted… and the wait and frustrations and all of that were worthwhile. It’s just at the time point you don’t see them. Would you rather go through some of this time of frustration and finally be doing what YOU ENJOY? Vs… being forced into graduate school of any sorts just because you were forced into it (UNLESS YOU WERE FORCCED INTO MED SCHOOL BY JARKIE!)

    Anyways, LOVE YOU! Always here to support you… and soon that crossroads w. the stop signs will give way to you… you’ll be allowed to go through… 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!

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