Today, I’m moonlighting as a reflexologist…

I felt a sharp pain underneath the ball of my L foot today (haha using medical jargon! not really… I just shorted left to L).

JL almost 22 y/o AF PMH broken ankle that no one mentioned to her, achilles tendonitis, premature aging p/w dull, aching pain under ball of L foot to OSH… transferred to Jarkie’s hospital for apex of the heart problems and peripheral arterial problems.

Alright, I just felt like doing that of the above as two of my good friends are off on their pre-med /med school journeys just these past two weeks. Just a little present for them. As for the amateur reflexologist in me, I have always found it so incredibly intriguing how no one really understands how reflexology is suppose to work (even though it is practiced)… other than the central idea of different parts of the foot corresponding to different areas of the body. As I found a copy of a reflexology chart on the interwebs, I immediately started panicking as it now seems according to them I have a heart problem. *sigh* Well, on the positive side, no worries about my blood pressure 🙂 Still practicing on me 🙂

P.S. Chinese medicine started long ago… it’s been based on a tradition of > 2000 years which leads me to my next point… you guessed it!!!! GO WATCH BBJX NOW!

Reflexology Chart (there are many different versions, but here is an example)


One thought on “Today, I’m moonlighting as a reflexologist…

  1. everything in this post ties together so nicely!! 😛
    youre really impressing me with your medical jargon. i could use some help stat. how is your L foot doing now?

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